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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I wanna be a ReBBETZIN

to the tune of Billionaire by Bruno Mars
may we all be Bilionaires with our mitzvot  for the One Above

I wanna be a Rebbetzin
Give my kids the Torah lifestyle
I never had...
I wanna be on the cover of
Nishei  magazine(Nishei Chabad is a magazine for Chabad women)
right up there with Chaya Mushka who's a a Queen!

Oh Every Night I close my eyes
I daven to the One MOST High

I give tzedaka and pray
oh yes I pray to be a Rebbetzin
to be a Rebbetzin
oy yoy yoy yoy...

What keeps me present

I'm a practitioner of Breema Bodywork.
I discovered Breema about 16 years ago in Israel. I was impressed by the simplicity and elegance of movement.
 Breema is described as the Art of Being Present. BREEMA is an acronym for
Right Now
What I appreciate about Breema is that its an opportunity to bring my thoughts and feelings while doing a  physical activity. I have found that self understanding is essential to my growth in consciousness. If I can understand my habits, I can be more present to what is. When I am present for myself, I can be more present to others. Its knowing that I'm not being selfish being self centered, I am centered in knowing my true nature in order to give and receive.

I'm not perfect

I signed up with Live your Legend daily blog challenge, and I didn't blog daily
I have regrets.
I signed up with Bluehost, got a domain, and stuck on figuring out Wordpress
So here I am, back to this blog
ready to show up
because theres no judgement.
I'm perfectly imperfect
with my deficiencies to help me grow.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mazal Tov, President-Elect Trump!

Mazal Tov, President-Elect Trump!

Joy breaks through all boundaries

I am grateful to be feeling detached from the political puppet show. We definitely need more laughter. I'm getting the laughter campaign going here on the streets. Had a brief conversation with a clear headed man who lives on the streets in Menlo Park. That's what we want to be free of constriction.

Freedom is in this moment

we are craving comfort foods-I was grateful to taste scalloped cheesy potatoes with a potato chip at Trader Joes today. I found salmon bacon. how exciting is that?

I say the best way to get out of any despair is to connect ourselves with the infinite-doing a mitzvah. Tonight I went to a challah bake with women at the JCC. more on that. that's right the righteous women are bringing the Redemption!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bringing the Geula (redemption)

Yalla!  lets go! NOW is the time to do the WORK
it can seem so overwhelming, however once we make the shifts, we can have tremendous joy available to us.

Joy develops out of the soul as soon as we are in tune with the movements
of the soul. Whatever the path is we are led by the soul. If we are in tune
we feel connected to something great and this is joy. Joy has a quality of
fullness and completeness which comes from this connection. This joy is
quiet, has weight, shines. In the presence of people who experience this
joy we become quiet. This joy has no purpose, no wishes, no intent. It is a
very deep contentment" 

Quote from Bert Hellinger at a London workshop April 2000. 


I resonated with the horoscope from Rob Brezny

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
It's time to replace banged-up, dried-out old obsessions with ripe, juicy fascinations. It's your duty to phase out numbing traditions and deadening habits so as to make room for exciting new rituals, customs, and sacraments. Can you summon the electric willpower to shed influences that are technically "correct" but lacking in soulfulness? I think you can. Do you love yourself enough to forswear pretty but meaningless titillations? I think you do. Now get out there and do the hard work necessary to bring more serious fun into your life. Homework: Write an essay titled "What I Can Do to Be More Playful."