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Friday, January 31, 2014

Hearing something else

Yesterday I got a manicure at the Polish Bar-I recommend it as a non toxic place to get nails done

There was some funny dialogue that happened.
“I have an interview at a wig store.”
“A weed store?  Can I get some?”
Later a woman came in for a pedicure and asked
 “Is there Wifi?”
“White wine?”-  Rae Shon looks behind her and I see a wine cooler. 

Friends who are family

Grateful for my nearest and dearest visiting her son and grandchildren from Crown Heights. We reconnected last night, and it was timeless. It was a very precious moment to sit at the kitchen table and share bowls of chicken soup as Mendy shared some of his comedy experiences. We laughed lots, which is the best medicine, chicken soup being second.

I threw a wrench in the bedtime routine. I came to the house and Chaya and I got to reconnect. Mendy came back with Hinda and Yosef; all ready for bed, and I got them a little wound up with some silliness.  Missed the window opportunity for bedtime. Some crying and calling Abba, Abba many times...Good thing I bought flowers for shabbos. It was funny once they went to sleep.
Precious moments


I am looking forward to Shabbos kodesh. Burning the candle at both ends this week.  I know all of you are hanging on by your bootstraps to know how the clutter campaign is going. Ah, I shoved a lot of it in the garage. I did start sorting out some of the paper debris from my trip to Oregon. I'm slowly letting go of clothes and ready to make room for the new. Let it go, let it go
I'm looking forward to slowing down, get quiet and sing!  It amazes me each time I move into a relatively empty space how quickly I fill up with my STUFF!-yoga mat, some books, drawing pad.  Ahhhh, we do live in the physical world. I would like to channel some excess energy kneading and baking challah.  I got  some essential oils to ground me out a bit. Eating helps. Om SHanti Shanti OMMM! Is everyone getting their daily doSe of laughter?

Mikey Pauker posted this:
"You know, my beautiful friends, you know what our young people need the most? They need somebody to believe in them. We need new schools. Not where the teacher knows how to teach, but where the teacher believes in the student. If you treat your children simply like humans, they might turn out subhuman. If we want our children to be human, we need to treat them like angels."-Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

On this Shabbos may you find deep rooted joy. A joy that is rooted in your ability of living life powerfully. A joy that is connected in your heart. Share your love, and your full self expression with your children. If we want a better world for them to live in, we must act NOW and be our fully expressed and thankful selves. The children will soak up every drop of your happiness. It's our responsibility to generate inspiration for the world to come. Good Shabbos!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Clutter SOS!

Ahhh. confronting it, finding pieces of paper, things I NO LONGER need. I ask myself, do I need it for my next stop on my journey. I feel a little overwhelmed with the piles I've got. I'm going to head out of the house soon and deal with it...LATER. I was able to haul some of it out of my apt yesterday and its now in a garage. That needs to get weeded out. Lets keep on breathing! its just...STUFF!

An adventure on Sunset

I almost was going to say I was too tired to go. Happy that I got my friend Tahli to go with me to hear comedy at   Open Mic night at El Cid. How to get there without wheels? Getting to La Brea via bike was enough for me to want to crawl into bed.
Got picked up in a red convertible driven by Yehuda Welton. He was on his way to a meeting with a Rabbi, so we got dropped off on Sunset and Highland and took the bus the rest of the way. We came to see Hanoch do an extended set. I met Hanoch at the Pico shul on shabbat. Actually, we didn't actually meet until we went to an Earth Jews event yesterday. Hanoch is from Columbia and made jokes about being Jewish, an immigrant.  A brown hat on his head added to the comic presence He does a hilarious Dylan impersonation with guitar and harmonica. Hilarious. The ability to be vulnerable on stage allows for good comedy and for the audience to connect. Got a fire in my belly that its time to heed and get on stage.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Pico Shul

I've been a little allergic to going to shul lately. Nothing really resonates. some places the ladies dress  provocatively, though I do enjoy the Rabbi speaking, and it gets too chatty, another place I go I get my share of hugs from the women; however the energy can feel unfocused, and another place I do enjoy the intention, however some of the ladies seem like sourpusses. Come on, just a smile.
I go to shul to connect-through prayer and to be in a community of like minded people.
Today I went to the Pico shul. Run by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein who runs Jewlicious, its got a lot going for it on my list. I was wary of going before that I didn't want to go to a mostly singles 'scene'. Rabbi Yonah and his wife Rachel fill a unique niche of channeling creativity and edgy Judiasm.
Here's my list:
There were homemade cookies next to the tea and coffee coming in
Fresh flowers in mason jars on the tables.
I noticed small wastebaskets near the tables for tissues
Rabbi Yonah asked if I would carry the Torah on the women's side-that was a big plus
The kiddush lunch had lots of healthy food-quinoa, gluten free options. Lets hear it for healthy shabbos food!
They asked who was there for the 1st time.  Nice to have people feel welcome.

Breathe and appreciate your blessings

Pizza belly. no one but me to blame on that. Comfort food when babysitting.
 its getting better ALL the time. breathe and focus that holy Alona light
Optimizing my life for energy and efficiency. On Tuesday, I was crossing La Cienega on Pico and saw Chana, a woman who is paralyzed from the neck down. She has a big smile and likes to tell dirty jokes. It was great to reconnect with her on the busy street. 2 buses passed by, and I was thinking of putting my bike on a bus to get across town faster. Mas rapido. She invited me to join her doing comedy at YMCA on Feb 11th.  She asked why I didn't come to the senior center in Santa Monica any more.     I got on the next bus with her and didn't have to pay-yay! and she offered me cookies she bought at the kosher bakery. She made sure to let me know that they are kosher.  I was feeling generous and offered to the Persian lady who sat next to me.
Earlier that day, I was craving pizza.  I went to lead laughter yoga for the staff at Country Villa. They had a training on Death and dying-laughter is a good break for that.  It was great to do with an ethnically diverse group. They were serving kosher pizza to the residents.  all is well in my world. 

Biking in LA

Its a bit of a thrill biking in the dark, coasting down a hill.  For me, biking in LA makes life a little more bearable. I glare at cars who are too far into the crosswalk. Grrr. Its nice to be known for having a bike
As for shopping, if you can't carry it, you don't need it. 

Changing my beliefs

I'm noticing my thoughts and frustration and anger are coming up. I'm exploring certain beliefs that don't serving me.   I'm aware of the choices I make to hold myself back,to play it safe, and thats not really serving anyone.  Doing little jobs for $10 an hour? Come on...  I want to cultivate gratitude, know that its all good,.  I'm grateful to have some income at the moment, and its going to multiply g Stomach hurting? No one but me to blame for the junk I'm ingesting...Do I have the courage to change

I found these words transcribed by Jenny Hanny Gross from Shaul Youdkevitich
I'm picky about who I want to be around, and have little patience for people who complain and don't take action.
Life is short, create the life that you want, the one that is for Living. 

If your belief system doesn’t help you to live a better life then get
rid of it. So you grow and change and reexamine your belief systems
until you find one that’s profitable. How is it profitable? If you’re
happy. How do you know – it’s a little secret – you cannot give what
you don’t have which means, the moment you're happy, you can’t stop
sharing it with others,, when youre miserable you can’t stop sharing
it either. So check yourself. What do you share with those around?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spiritual cleaning

I got my teeth cleaned today. Its something I procrastinated on. I called to cancel, using the excuse that I'm waiting for a paycheck, which is true. The woman in the office told me to pay what I can now. I kept the appointment. I was greeted in the office by a petite woman with gray hair who radiated calm and spirit. She told me her name is Kabbalah. Born Catholic, a practicing Buddhist, Kabblah speaks my language. I told her that I went to hear Laibl Wolf speak last night. She hadn't heard of him. We spoke of being of service and Debtors Anonymous.  I found out she lives in Sherman Oaks, where I will be leading laughter at an event next week, and invited her to come play her Tibetan Bowls at the event. I feel affirmed that my work is one of service on this planet.

No Extra

I'm on my journey of clearing the clutter to make room for the new.I see how clutter creates blocks for prosperity and anything else I want to bring in. Working on NO EXTRA. I am grateful to live with a roomate who keeps things neat and tidy. She mentioned that keeping food in bags in the fridge makes it hard to see what is in there. In sorting out I found brocoli from the farmers market in Marin, as well as a bag of grapes from who knows when. I don't shop in the fridge often enough. I found chocolate peanut butter I bought for a hike and leftover ginger cookies. Time to LET GO!!! Today she shared with me that I do things without completing them. So TRUE!!! that is the next post on full participation, what is one thing  that you are holding on to that you can let go of?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Clearing clutter

I'm accumulating clutter. Food in my bag from the farmers market. receipts. piles of clothes. papers.  Emails. Need to take time daily to sort out. Its essential to for me to have no extra. Keep the clutter to a minimum. I do a good job of creating it. A daily reminder to let go and everything does have its place.

Keep Smiling

I have cards that say Keep Smiling. A man who has an organization called the Daily Smile started it.
Looks like the universe wants ME to take better care of my smile. I fear dentists. Don't want  a root canal.  First, I got a call from the dentist I went to this spring reminding me about a cleaning. Uh, sure, I can make an appointment for next week. I may reschedule. Then, I got a call from the USC clinic about   coming in for an appointment, not until February 10. I might not be around then. Thats my plan.

Getting Grounded

Its challenging for me to get grounded the past few days
staying up too late on the computer and being sleep deprived
its unseasonably warm
the moon is full which affects my energy
feel a little ungrounded, lots of creativity to channel and
all the more to breathe, get centered and stand barefoot in the grass
I've wondered the past few days if I do have a case of undiagnosed ADD. I think I do.
I choose to cope with it through breath, essential oils, remembering to eat, and yes, the essential breath. Trees breathe. so do we.


I love TuB'shvat. It is so beautiful and holy- a table with platters of fruit and candles. I wish we celebrated it more than one day. The teachings are so deep-talking and appreciating trees-soil-the source of our sustenance
Its 4 am and the sun is arising on the E coast. Time to get some rest. I rode home to empty streets at 2:45 am.

I went to an awesome seder at Adam and Ashira's holy home. Mamesh a Gevalt!!! I feel I got an infusion of spirituality to fuel and nourish my vision. The sun is rising on the E coast and its time for me to get some rest! 
I invited LA's 'King of Compost' Steven Wynbrandt to the seder and he was da bomb!  he brought so much to the table with his guitar, thoughtful words on soil and his microgreens from his garden. He makes some really good compost from manure and grows high quality food. In order for us to thrive, we need to be in an environment for us to grow.  At times I wonder why I live in LA,much to be grateful for-good friends, being able to go to the beach, yoga class-to connect to the breath for clarity, and Santa Monica farmers market. Yay!  want more opportunities to connect to the land. in the meantime, taking off my shoes and standing barefoot will suffice. 
I want to nurture the vision of sharing joy through writing, creating laughter workshops, an
d learning more about essential oils for mental balance. 

You are invited to share what vision you want to nurture and nourish. 
Many blessings for abundance

Monday, January 13, 2014

Operation Joy in Vallejo 1/11

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A passion for plastic

My attention goes out to plastic water bottles. on the street. on the trail. waiting to be picked up elevated and cashed in for a redemption. This morning as I left on my bike to the park I saw a man with a headlamp sitting on the sidewalk, resting. I said hello, and as I pedaled on then saw his cart. I like his energy. There's a lot of people rummaging through the trash I don't appreciate, one of them being a Persian man. See a future post on my prejudices on Persians...I prayed that I would see him on my return. He was pulling out a gallon water bottle in the dumpster next to my place. I reached into my pocket and gave him the mini water bottle I found on the street and told him I had more around the corner. A way to start the day feeling like I'm giving. He had a lot of glass bottles in his cart.

Getting Grounded

Life is a balancing act. Life is short. Certain things feel urgent. Do IT NOW.  not later.  I say I want to write. I'm sharing a few words before heading out into the world
On fire from attending Scott Dinsmore's Live Your Legend Local First Meetup group. I've got a lot of energy so I'm going to take a quick walk. Essential to stay focused. Breathe.  Ask for support. Check out the site, its a fantastic resource for living your passion. Have a great day!