Living inspired

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Accepting what is

This is life at the moment.
Action brings CLARITY.
I want clarity in my life Clarity of purpose
to know what my mission is.  Today I spoke with Beth Bongar, the Laughing Diva. We want to work together, we haven't gotten it together to do it yet. The world does want what we have to offer. Corporate laughter, how much FUN would that be?
in the meantime, I'm working at a local health food store, I spent a lot of my time focusing on dusting the shelves. It feels good. I haven't worked from 9-5 in who knows how long.
There is something comforting in opening boxes, breaking down bubble wrap, and putting the products on the shelf.
I'm going on a field trip for a Jewish day camp today. Its going to be hot.
We can so easily discount who we are and what we have to offer the world
Encouraging us all to take pauses when necessary and the courage to be bold. I'm meditating on what is convenient and what is comfortable. Am I willing to get out of comfort zone.