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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chodesh tov

its been a long day-from driving through Tilden Park-the green hills are glorious-to Walnut Creek for the Contra Costa Jewish film festival. Saw 3 short films in hebrew about a favorite subject-matchmaking and marriage. Disappointed that the movie we wanted to see-My brothers wedding did not arrive in the mail.
Returned home and used a sewing machine to hem a skirt. That was fun.
Got on my bike, briefly shopped at the farmers market, and went to SF. Went to Jewish Vocational Services for an open house.
Met my friend Michaella, and we took BART to the Mission. I wanted to support my friend Zack, who writes poems on his typewriter on the street, had an art opening at a gallery. We met him somewhat stoned in the gallery, and then stood outside in the street. He hadn't eaten, was dealing with a very difficult woman running the gallery. He went and got some beers. We went to the store and got beer-I got a hemp ale-and got tortilla chips at a Mexican produce store. We stood in the smelly street until we were warned not to. We sat on the curb, drinking beers, when 2 cops approached us and we got caught but no citation. Phew.
On BART, Michaella and I learned the teachings of R.Shlomo Carlebach on the teachings for Purim. Its a very deep holiday. I went to a women's rosh chodesh gathering, and its intense what people are dealing with-death, miscarriage, pregnancy....speaking of conealment and revealing.

We want to dress slutty. or at least provocative.

I went into Longs and bought a Snickers Bar and Pringles BQE flavor. Got to elevatethe sparks!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Adar antics

I was tossing a frisbee in the park today with a friend. Two guys were playing hackysack, which ended up in a pine tree.I volunteered my frisbee to get it down (mistake), then offered my bike lock, which also ended up in the tree. A group of sunbathers offered an orange, which quickly split, as well as a lemon (more resilient). I went to borrow a ball from the afterschool program, but the woman offered me a broom instead, which also ended up in the tree. I'm not sure what got the items down, but a group gathered around the tree. What's going on? A pinata? I went to borrow a basketball from a man with 2 dogs, but by the time I got there, everything was down.

moving on

Due to my repeated tardiness to work-my heart was not in it, I got fired. Ok, next. Lets's really follow your heart. The sun is shining. Pulling weeds?
What can I say that I got from the experience? Big day for bra sales yesterday. I was getting a little more confident recommending bras to women with breasts larger than mine. One of the bras is called The Last Resort. There was a cute Lesbian couple yesterday.